oezpa Team

The consultants of oezpa are, among other things, active as lecturers at the Hochschule Fresenius, Cologne, in the study courses “Business Psychology” and “HR Management”.


Prof. Dr. Olaf Geramanis


Prof. Dr. Olaf Geramanis is Senior Coach and oezpa Associate.

Education, training & professional experience

  • Lecturer for applied group dynamics and person-oriented consulting
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Graduate pedagogue (univ.)
  • Coach, supervisor and organizational consultant (BSO)
  • Teaching trainer for group dynamics (DGGO)

Main topics

  • Director of Studies of the MAS Change and Organizational Dynamics
  • Conference leader of the Change Conference
  • Leadership consulting, team and organizational development
  • Group dynamics and processes of self-organization and self-direction
  • Behavioral training Social competence