Business Coaching Compact

Seminar description

“Methodology & Coaching Compact” is the starting module of our advanced training “Systemic Business Coaching” and “Coaching Talents”.

The module can also be booked separately and independently of further training.


Coaching is a person- and team-oriented consulting method. It is a temporary and strictly confidential accompaniment and support of individuals (managers and employees) and of teams. Coaching is goal-oriented and situational at the same time.

Consulting focuses on individuals, teams and on the organization. The interaction and synergy between coaching and consulting in change processes is the focus of this module.

In our start module you will get to know our coaching and change management approach. (Individual, team and system coaching and consulting).

  • The role and working methods of the coach or internal/external consultant; requirements and key competencies.
  • The professional coaching and consulting conversation
  • oezpa coaching consulting concept and the oezpa coaching phase model
  • Basic toolbox of a coach (e.g. GROW model, CLEAR model, Inner Game, JOHARI model, CORE qualities, identity model according to Petzold, TCI according to Ruth Cohn, oezpa model, etc.)
  • Chances and limits of coaching in organizations
  • Role analysis & role coaching, roleogram as a tool, role clarification
  • Role design of the participants: First profile development as internal or external coach or executive as coach (agile approach)
  • Use of central online tools in coaching

Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir

Contact person

+49 (0)172 – 861 61 49

Key data

  • First day: 3 March 2023
  • Second day: 4 March 2023
  • Place: Cologne