Methods of large group moderation
World Café, Future Search, Open Space, RTSC

25th Seminar

Methods of large group moderation

World Café, Future Search,
Open Space, RTSC

25th Seminar

Seminar description

Large group events are an integral part of strategy, planning and communication events. Here, it is important to select the appropriate format according to objectives, organizational culture and organizational dynamics. Mastering this complex selection process, the professional execution and the important transfer of the results into organizational practice are success factors. Large group conferences can involve a very large number of employees in the processing, solving and planning of complex tasks.


  • Managers
  • Personnel officers and consultants who advise and accompany managers in the selection of methods
  • Trainers of large group methods who would like to refresh their knowledge
  • Internal consultants


  • Experiencing the different conference methods (World Café , Future Search, Open Space)
  • Theoretical-conceptual inputs (RTSC)
  • Live moments
  • Case studies
  • Practice transfer dialogue
  • Documentation on the formats
  • Tips and recommendations

Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir

Program Management,
Contact Person

+49 (0)172 – 861 61 49

Key data

  • Duration: 23 – 25 February 2023
  • Start: 23 February 2023
  • Days: 3
  • Modules: 1
  • Degree: oezpa certificate
  • Place: Cologne

Seminar agenda

  • The large group conferences are conducted with our continuing education group in Change
  • Management/ Organizational Development and other groups in an experiential way
  • (Learning Community).
  • Learn about the benefits and methodology of large group methods. We
  • show you how to systematically and sustainably implement the results of large group conferences.
  • sustainable implementation.
  • Experience the different conference methods live (World Café , Future
  • Search, Open Space, RTSC)
  • World Café (dialogue conference as a communication and problem-solving tool)
  • Future Search (future conference as a vision and strategy tool)
  • Open Space Technology (impulse conference as an instrument for finding product ideas
  • and creative method)
  • RTSC (Real Time Strategic Change strategy conference as a strategy and
  • planning instrument)
  • BarCamp , Hackathon, Working Out Loud (WOL), etc.
  • Large group formats in comparison (according to oezpa practice)


Barbara Özdemir

Program Management

Mrs. Barbara Lagler Özdemir is founding member, managing director and management consultant of oezpa GmbH. She is a senior coach in the German Association of Coaching (DBVC) and heads the Academy of oezpa GmbH. Mrs. Lagler Özdemir offers professional coaching with integrated MBTI work.

As a holder of teaching assignments, e.g. Fresenius University in Cologne, Vilnius University in Lithuania and co-author of the book “Coaching Practice – A Guide for Coaches and Coaching Clients”, she brings a broad knowledge of organizational consulting and coaching. (Edition 2. Lindemann Verlag, Offenbach, Edition oezpa, 2014 (ISBN 978-3-941165-02-1).

Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir, Visiting Professor

Program Management

  • Managing Director/CEO – oezpa & ILAC (International Leadership Academy & Consulting)
  • Senior Coach in the German Federal Coaching Association (DBVC) and in IOBC – International Organization for Business Coaching
  • Cooperation Partner and Executive Coach, International Coach Federation, ICF
  • Graduate economist, founding member and managing director of oezpa GmbH
  • Former director of the work group “Digital Transformation & Leadership” (Institute of Electronic Business/ University of the Arts, Berlin)
  • Former Head of “Leadership & Digital Transformation (Organizational Development)”, ZIW/ Berlin Career College/ University of the Arts, Berlin
  • Former Dean of Studies “Human Resources Management”, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences
  • Director of ILAC (International Leadership Academy – a cooperation of renowned business schools and their professors)
  • Lecturer and visiting professor (change and project management, coaching and leadership) at German and international universities
  • Author of textbooks on coaching, change management, cultural development and leadership

Main areas of activity

  • Change and development consulting (OE & Change Management) of organizations, teams and individuals
  • Consulting for strategy processes
  • Cultural development of companies
  • Project management consulting
  • Coaching

Voices of the participants

My expectations were exceeded,

especially the flexibility of the leadership to follow the training group and the energy did me a lot of good. The rooms and people at oezpa are very pleasant”. 2008 and “I am surprised that the time in the oezpa organizational simulation flew by so quickly, I am not tired at all. It was really fun.
Holger Vetter
Managing Director, CONSULTINO, Process and Innovation Consulting

Profound change!

Through the program at the oezpa institute, my attitude and approach to organizational development have changed in a surprisingly profound way. oezpa conveyed more than just the conservative organizational development approach. I received helpful support in internalizing the theoretical background of systemic organizational development. In addition, the familiar ambience at Schloss Buschfeld created an immediate feel-good factor that lasted throughout the program.
Dirk Naujock
Personnel and Organizational Developer

I am enthusiastic

about the program at oezpa. The methods, tools, but also the attitude of the program leaders was very professional. I was able to immediately implement what I learned in my organizational development and coaching practice. I would also like to thank for the very good support. The training group was additionally enriching. ORGLAB as an event within the event was an incredibly good and important experience.
Volker Rudat
Senior Coach, Savings Bank Organization, Bremen (Germany)