“The Executive as Coach & Coaching in Digital Transformation Processes – ONLINE”.

Seminar description

On the one hand, this seminar will examine the requirements of modern leadership and the area of tension between the manager and the coach. On the other hand, we will work on the role of coaches in digital transformation processes. In this way, we connect the dialog on the topic of digitalization, digital transformation and leadership. As internal and external coaches, we work out the possibility of actively supporting digital transformation processes of organizations or clients who are responsible for these processes.oezpa practical examples shed light on this new field for coaches.

Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir contributes his experience and practical projects as former professor for digital transformation & leadership at the Institute of Electronic Business/ University of the Arts, Berlin.

  • Agile leadership, digital leadership, and coaching and consulting fields
  • Digital transformation and VUCA world as requirements for a new leadership role
  • Executive as coach model: philosophy, self-image, benefits and limits
  • Situational leadership – leadership between instructing and coaching; conception and application of the situational leadership style
  • Unconscious, inner human images as a starting point for coaches and consultants
  • Requirements for the leadership role and significance for coaches and consultants
  • Network structures and digital organizations; cooperation in business eco-systems; open innovation and consulting/coaching
  • Innovation and leadership culture in companies as a prerequisite for agile leadership

Participation can take place in the role of the internal or external coach, in the role of the executive as a coach or in a preparatory role for these professions.

In the preliminary meeting, we can discuss these aspects and our many years of experience both as internal, as external coaches or as a manager who wants to expand his or her leadership style in the sense of a modern or agile style.

Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir

Contact person

+49 (0)172 – 861 61 49

Key data

  • Seminar date:
    15th September 2023
  • Place: Cologne