Resilience &

Seminar description

“Mental health enables us to enjoy life while overcoming pain, disappointment and unhappiness. It is a positive life force and a deep belief in our own dignity and self-worth.” (translated from British Heart Foundation, 2008).

As coaches, we need to understand the challenges our clients face. We want to discuss and deepen the numerous challenges with the help of concepts and practical examples in this module.

  • Salutogenetic understanding of health according to Antonovsky
  • Stress, burn-out and coping strategies
  • Resilience and work-life balance or integration
  • Mindfulness and relaxation exercises
  • Promotion of self-control competencies in these areas
  • Coaching approaches and limits of coaching
  • Recognizing and dealing with symptoms of illness as a coach
  • Containment in organizational change processes


An oak and a reed were arguing about their strength and sturdiness.
“Every breath of wind moves you back and forth,” said the oak to the reed, throwing it away.
The reed did not answer a single word.
After a while a violent storm arose.
The oak tree resisted the storm with all its strength and was uprooted.
But the reed, yielding to the gusts of wind, remained undamaged.

Source: French fable by Jean de La Fontaine



Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir, Visiting Professor
CEO, Senior Coach DBVC/ IOBC/ ICF

Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir

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