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My expectations were exceeded,

especially also the flexibility of the leadership to follow the training group and the energy did me a lot of good. The rooms and people at oezpa are very pleasant”. 2008 and “I am surprised that the time in the oezpa organization simulation flew by so much, I am not tired at all. It was really fun.
Holger Vetter
Managing Director
CONSULTINO, process and innovation consulting

Profound change!

“Through the advanced training at the oezpa institute, my attitude and approach to organizational development changed surprisingly profoundly. oezpa conveyed more than just the conservative OE approach. I received helpful support in internalizing the theoretical background of systemic organizational development. In addition, the familiar ambience at Schloss Buschfeld created an immediate feel-good factor that lasted throughout the training.”
Dirk Naujock
Personnel and organizational developer

I am excited

from the training at oezpa. The methods, tools, but also the attitude of the training leaders was very professional. I was able to immediately implement what I learned in my OE and coaching practice. I would also like to thank for the very good support. The training group was additionally enriching. ORGLAB as an event within the event was an incredibly good and important experience.
Volker Rudat
Senior Coach, Savings Banks Organization, Bremen

I found the time in the advanced training

as a “Systemic Business Coach” at oezpa GmbH in Bornheim (Cologne/Bonn) as very positive. The training management has set very high standards for the participants. The trainers are highly qualified coaches who convey the content of the training very well.
In addition, I have continuously learned through the diverse perspectives of the other participants. The reflections with the other participants, coupled with the feedback from the training management, have often opened my eyes and greatly advanced my own development. In addition, the heterogeneous composition of the participants enriches learning enormously. It is necessary to actively participate in all blocks in order to meet the requirements. The one-year training to become a Systemic Business Coach was intensive and I certainly learned the tools during this time from oezpa to now work as a Systemic Coach.
I can only recommend the training at oezpa. I feel very equipped to work as a Systemic Business Coach.
Björn Knothe
CEO, division one GmbH, Stuttgart

After 20 years of professional experience

in the evaluation of worldwide cooperation projects, I felt the need to expand my portfolio. Because: the implementation of my recommendations to the clients can only be implemented systemically. With the expectation of acquiring the necessary competencies for this, I participated in the in-service qualification in systemic organizational development at oezpa. Looking back, I can say that the diversity and quality of the topics, trainers and methods made my time at oezpa an enriching learning experience. The training gave me a new understanding of my clients’ needs and changed my consulting work in a profitable way. A lasting experience was the final coaching session with Ms. Lagler-Özdemir.
Dr. Ursula Maria Esser
Head of the Institute for Education, Development and Consulting

I have experienced six varied modules with you,

which provided me with a lot of information, impressions and suggestions. Sometimes I am not even aware of what I have learned, but it only becomes clear to me when I remember the contents of the modules in a specific situation. Not only have I learned a lot of helpful things for my work environment, but I can also benefit from what I have learned in other areas of my life. I enjoyed the training very much.
Many thanks for that.
Andreas Haupt
Executive, Rhineland-Palatinate Accident Insurance Fund

I particularly liked the opportunity,

to look over the shoulder of an experienced consultant. This gave me the opportunity to see the theory I had learned in training put into practice. That gives security and is a lot of fun! It was very nice to see how I developed myself and the team members. Getting a taste of business was good for me.
Alexandra Cristobal
Coach and learning therapist, Switzerland

I have to admit,

that my participation in the oezpa-orglab was the most interesting and effective qualification I have participated in during my professional career. We in the company are still discussing the positive influences of the Orglab after four years. I would definitely like to participate again on one of the next occasions.
Irfan Akin
Quality Manager, BSH Ev Aletleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., Turkey

My expectations were exceeded,

especially also the flexibility of the leadership to follow the training group and the energy did me a lot of good. The rooms and people at oezpa are very pleasant”. 2008 and “I am surprised that the time in the oezpa organization simulation flew by so much, I am not tired at all. It was really fun.”
Jens Emrich v. Kajdacsy
Senior Projectmanager & Innovations Expert

The Orglab was for me

one of the most important experiences for me to feel my own stability. I thank the oezpa colleagues in the staff of the Orglab 2008. My way home was felt longer than in stated kilometers.”
Beate Eggert
Managing Director at Unfallkasse Rheinland-Pfalz

The oezpa ORGLAB

as part of the training has left a lasting positive impression on me. What I found most exciting were the interactions and reactions with the staff. The Organizational Role Analysis Groups (ORAs) were very useful for me personally. Seeing how you can analyze roles in organizations and looking back at your own organization to see how it can work.
Wolfgang Kemmerich
Managing Director / Owner Kemmerich
Partner Management Consulting / Interim Management / Business Coaching

The training with you has brought me real added value.

The working atmosphere with you was very constructive and pleasant and your input was very helpful for me.
Dr. Tobias Caroli
Manager Global
Human Resources,
Laundry & Home Care (Production / R&D /
Supply Chain) Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

People, Organization, Role.

The in-service training in organizational development as well as the participation in two Orglabs have more than broadened my understanding and perspective on this triad. Oezpa has provided important food for thought with regard to my individual personal development, without rigidly prescribing the goal of this development. Both professionally and privately, I benefit greatly from this.
Christian Pfeiffer
Reha-Manager, Rhineland-Palatinate Accident Insurance Fund

My experiences with oezpa

was six years ago, but I can still work wonderfully with the acquired skills in the area of large group methods/coaching, which speaks for the excellent training quality/methodological competence of oezpa. In the case of a renewed further qualification, the offer of oezpa would always be shortlisted by me, because the cooperation with the university is an invigorating aspect in the training offer. The modern ambience of the academy creates an appropriate learning atmosphere.
Petra-Annette Seyfert
Harry Brot GmbH -Prebake Training national

Your international case study

was very comprehensive and class. Very interesting and instructive. We were able to focus and enrich our project management training very well with it.
Axel Richter
Planning & Controlling Manager at Henkel, Düsseldorf

I recommend this course or training to all,

who would like to be taught by luminaries in business coaching! Practical, authentic, international, challenging and supportive.
Julius Hargitai