Culture development

To ensure that your company achieves its goals and remains competitive, we support you in developing your corporate culture. In doing so, we help to analyze the current culture and its values. Thereupon, the degree of support of the culture and fields of action are determined. A cultural profile of your organization is created. The target culture is developed in a participatory manner and brought to implementation.

Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir

Managing Director

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Managing Director/CEO – oezpa GmbH & oezpa SWISS GmbH; President ILAC (International Leadership Academy & Consulting); Senior Coach in the German Federal Coaching Association (DBVC) and in IOBC – International Organization for Business Coaching; Cooperation Partner and Executive Coach, International Coach Federation, ICF; Dipl.-Ökonom.

Feedback Consulting Clients

“The fluid change between analysis, confrontation and coaching at the right moment and the change in approaches to never lose sight of the project objective were a key success factor in the collaboration with oezpa.”
Dr. Carsten Stelzer, former board member, Vaillant

“An essential point what distinguishes you as oezpa is trust. Almost the most important thing for you. If you didn’t have that, you wouldn’t be able to perform your role at all. It has something to do with seniority, with you. In your trainings and coaching sessions, it’s like `leadership you can touch’.”
Dr. Thomas Jaster, former divisional manager, bank director, Portigon (WestLB), Düsseldorf

“oezpa has an extremely good hand for picking up moods and redirecting them into positive energies.”
Dr. Sören Christensen, former Deputy Chairman of the Board, Deutsche Wertpapier Service Bank AG (dwpbank), Frankfurt

“Every company is unique and requires individual solutions, which oezpa has succeeded in doing very well. What counts for us is an integrative approach with sustainable success.”
Dr. Markus Slevogt, former member of the board, ING Bank

“You are able to lead and advise a project in a new business environment that is completely unknown to oezpa. This is a great entrepreneurial skill for me. You have such a great know-how that you are able to develop charts spontaneously, e.g. on the flip chart and for presentations. oezpa is both catalyst and direction giver for us!”
Haluk Gürses, Director Human Resources, Bayer

“You are very competent, confident, experienced and committed in your field. You have a lot of methods and you know your craft.”
Tom Linckens, Senior Vice President, Director Global Business Process, Laundry and Home Care, Henkel AG

“oezpa regularly sound out on our behalf what works well and what doesn’t about our organization. They also bring homogeneity to our globally distributed sites through their consulting services. They develop ‘bridges’ for us so that we can be successful interculturally in our subsidiaries.”
Patrick Schüler, Director, Business Process Management, Bosch-Siemens Hausgeräte/ BSH

“I appreciate oezpa’s competence, experience and know-how in organizational coaching processes. They are neutral persons of trust. If you really want to develop organizations further, I can only recommend oezpa.”
Walter Hess, former CEO, Elcotherm (currently: CEO company “zur Rose”, online pharmacy)

“What I particularly liked was the composure with which oezpa accompanied our organizational development and management team process. They did not lead tangibly, but through questions. The management team members addressed the issue in the group. oezpa addressed important issues. Without this intervention, we would not have worked through the issues on our own. Through this work, we were able to integrate very well into a management team.”
Beat Schwab, former director of human resources and member of the executive board, Microsoft

“Coaching with oezpa is like an oasis. There I can always place important questions. I have always found the coaching very helpful and was able to switch off well.”
Karl-Albert Bebber, former Head of Solution and Application Services, Bayer Business Services