oezpa Team

The consultants of oezpa are, among other things, active as lecturers at the Hochschule Fresenius, Cologne, in the study courses “Business Psychology” and “HR Management”.


Kathleen Hesse


Dipl. social pedagogue and works as a leading consultant, moderator, trainer and coach for oezpa GmbH – Academy & Consulting.

Her many years of professional experience include the support of organizational change processes, team developments, trainings, large group events, executive feedback processes, workshop facilitation and coaching.

Previously, Ms. Hesse worked as an internal HR and leadership developer in commercial enterprises and as a trainer and consultant in management consultancies.

Her main areas of expertise are:

  • Consulting for change processes
  • coaching
  • cultural change
  • Leadership feedback and
  • moderation

Ms. Hesse has consulted and coached various business enterprises in long-term projects during her work.

Ms. Kathleen Hesse has been an oezpa associate since 2000.