oezpa Team

The consultants of oezpa are, among other things, active as lecturers at the Hochschule Fresenius, Cologne, in the study courses “Business Psychology” and “HR Management”.


Dr. Alfred Colliander


Dr. Alfred Colliander is Senior Coach and oezpa Associate, located in Lausanne/ Switzerland.

Dr. Alfred Colliander holds a PhD in Political Science (Université des Sciences Sociales de Grenoble) and a Master in Economics (Helsinki). He supports organizations in change management and is also a management coach at IMD in Lausanne.

Alfred Colliander worked for many years as an operational auditor for a multinational company. He established and enforced a participative audit process to overcome the difficulty of following through on recommendations. His scope of work ranged from research to service and included central functions.

His special fields of interest today span the development of competencies in organizations and the promotion of interdisciplinary-organizational ways of working.

Alfred Colliander is ¼ Dutch, ¼ Swedish from the Baltic, ½ Finnish. Fluent in five languages, he cooks Scandinavian, French, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Sicilian, Persian, Indian, Chinese, and American. He enjoys ancient music, as well as classical Arabic music and other traditions. He has traveled the world for 20 years, always working locally. He has long since given up believing in any tricks to move as a consultant in multicultural landscapes.