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11th Training programme in Coaching (CO)
Acknowledged by the DBVC (German Federal Association for Coaching)
Octobre 17th - Octobre 19th 2013, (Module 1)
Schlosshotel Kloster Walberberg, Bornheim
Training schedule 2013/ 2014




Sandra Janoff ('The world´s most experienced future searcher')
exclusive seminar: Managing a Future Search Conference
November 18th  -November 20th 2013



11th oezpa ORGLAB Group Relations Conference - Germany
€ 1.950,- plus VAT and costs for accomodation
Schlosshotel Kloster Walberberg, Bornheim


3rd Traininggroup (TG) Group Relations in oezpa ORGLAB - Germany
12.05. - 16.05.2014
€ 2.200,- plus VAT and costs for accomodation
Schlosshotel Kloster Walberberg, Bornheim


oezpa acknowledged as Coaching Training Institute

German Federal Association for Coaching


oezpa is Cooperatingpartner of the prestigious International Coaching Association


oezpa acknowledged as company training center

oezpa was acknowledged as company training center in December 2006 by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), Cologne.


`Education Cheque NRW´

nrw arbeit soziales

The provincial state government of North-Rhein Westfalen (NRW) supports the participation on professional training programmes with its Education Cheque NRW.


Code of Conduct of Management Consulting Association Germany (BDU)

oezpa follows the `Code of Conduct of the Bundesverband Deutscher Unterehmensberater BDU e.V.´


'Double Task' international Leadership Working Conference - November 2013

Oezpa will conduct a 'Double Task' working conference for a sucessful, international company. Staff will be: Dr. Mannie Sher, Olya Khaleelee, Barbara Lagler Özdemir, Prof. Dr. Sandra Schruijer, Franziska Reike and others. The Conference will be directed by Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir. Learning focus will be: Leadership, Self management in role, systems dynamics.

New Book on Coaching: Barbara Lagler Özdemir & Hüseyin Özdemir - September 2013

Cover: Büşra Öztürk (busraozturkk@gmail.com) - 
Twice 1st Price Winner of Turkish Journalist´s Associations

Dr. Eliat Aram (CEO) Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, London, directs oezpa-Training Group

The Oezpa Institute will run the 4th Training Group within orglab: 12th – 16th May 2014, former Monastery Walberberg (Cologne-Bonn/ Germany).

The 11th oezpa ORGLAB Group Relations Conference – (13th – 16th May 2014) is supported by Fresenius University, by SLIC (a joint institute of Tavistock & oezpa) and by ILAC (International Leadership Academy – a cooperation of Business Schools).
The Conference will be directed by Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir, CEO, oezpa GmbH – Academy & Consulting.

If you or colleagues are interested in joining the Conference or the Training Group, please feel free to contact oezpa (+49 2227 92 15 700 or via E-Mail Franziska Reike (Pre-Conference Administrator): f.reike@oezpa.de).

Videos about orglab: http://www.oezpa.de/php/seminare/orglab.php

Exclusive workshop: Sandra Janoff explains the Future Search method - The co-founder of Future Search on "Managing a Future Search" live at oezpa

Sandra Janoff18-11-2013 - 20-11-2013: A unique opportunity to work with Sandra Janoff who, with Marvin Weisbord co-developed Futre Search Methodology and co founded Future Search Network. Future Search is one of the most successful approaches to participatory strategic planning and whole system change. Participants will acquire the tools needed to organize and manage Future Searches with integrity in any sector or culture. During the 2.5 days you will learn the principles, underlying theory, philosophy and practice of facilitation and criteria for successful application. You will experience how Future Search is the surest way to shift a system's capability for action.

click here fore more details

Keynote Dr. Özdemir at 'Zukunft Personal', a Human Resource Management trade fare

oezpa will be part of the 13th trade fare 'Zukunft Personal' from September 17 until September 19, 2013. 

We happily announce, that oezpa GmbH is part of the 13th trade fare ‘Zukunft Personal’ from September 17 until September 19, 2013, in Cologne. You’ll find our stand in hall 3.2 (Professional Training & Learning). 


This year’s partner country is Turkey. Because of that Dr. Özdemir himself will hold a keynote with the subject ‘The Challenge: Turkey – coaching and consulting German Head Quarters and Turkish daughter companies´. The keynote will be held in German.  The keynote takes place on September 9, at 1:00 p.m. , in hall 3.2, in  ‘Praxisforum 8’


If you are interested in visiting us at the trade fair, we will happily send you a ticket for free (while stocks last). You can reach us by calling +49 2227 – 92 157 00 or you can write us an email to c.johaenntgen@oezpa.de .  

 zukunft personal

Start of the 16th organisational development training group

On 18th  July 2013 our 16th organisational development training group has started with great success. This weekend, the participants have their first module 'Organization, Organisational Development & Change Management". We're looking forward to processing with our work.

Research and development process optimisation  - July 2013

oezpa is implementing a process optimization project within the context of research and development in an organisation. After describing the whole process map, the central tasks  will be determined, process flows will be defined and arranged. Redundant tasks and interfaces will be eliminated. Responsibilities, decision-making authorities, aspects of information as well as aspects of participation are considered and roles will be distributed.  

Marketing team workshop – July 2013

oezpa is carrying out a team development workshop in the marketing department of an organization. 
Key words: executive coaching, team coaching, management consulting.

Successful completion of the  15th orginasational  development training group – July 2013

Within a three day closing module, the 15th organisational development training group will be completed (the 25th group overall, including the coaching group). For that, the final assignments will be presented and be discussed within a critical and constructive atmosphere. 

Alumni  6th – 7th September, 2013, monastery Walberberg ( subject: ‘business meets social’): oezpa annual conference

Dear Colleagues,

This year our oezpa alumni network conference will be held on the 6th and 7th September, 2013 in the former monastery Walberberg.
we start at 10 o'clock on the 6th September. We will meet until noon on the 7th September. One of the key-notes will be held by Mr Robert Theissen, CEO, Foundation Hëllef Doheem (largest foundation of Luxembourg) on the topic 'leadership'. In addition, we will have the opportunity to exchange views and to network.
Our alumni from the 'coaching' training courses, from the 'organisational development & change management' training courses as well as our alumni from the in-house training courses in 'leadership' will be participating.

Save-the-date: further details will follow.
We are glad to see you all again!


Executive coaching of a company founder – June 2013


oezpa is coaching a midsize company founder in matters of development of a company.

16th extra occupational further training in ‘organisational development/ change management & coaching’


16th extra occupational further training in ‘organisational development/ change management & coaching’ from 18th July to 20th July, 2013. Access is possible at anytime. Location: Schlosshotel Kloster Walberberg , Bornheim (near Cologne). Trainer team: Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir, Barbara Lagler, Karsten Trebesch, Olya Khaleelee (London), Ad Schalkx (Holland), language: German amongst others.

Executive coaching - Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir is coaching - June 2013

The head of an international German industrial enterprise will be coached by Dr. Özdemir himself. The client will be observed within the contect of a team workshop, he will be given feedback and support.

China Organisation Development - Change Management (Project oezpa)

OD-Process in China. Duration 10 years. Several OD-HR-Instruments implemented.

Key Words: China, Organisationsentwicklung, Change Management, Organisational Development, Coaching, Execútive Coaching, Team Building, Management Training, Leadeship Feedback. Video in German. See other expert videos in English about China OD on oezpa-channel.


'Double Task' Business Simulation for next level as well

Aufgrund des großen Erfolgs der 'Double Task' Business Simulation mit dem Management Team und der OE-Coaching-Weiterbildung führt oezpa die Business Simualtion auch mit der nächsten Führungsebene durch (Termin: 20.-21.06.2013). Diese Soziotechnische Methode basiert auf Erfahrungen der frühen Group Relations Forschungen am Tavistock Institut.

Key Words: Sociotechnical System Event, Leadership, Systems Thinking, Customer orientation, Team dynamics and development.

'Double Task' Business Simulation

oezpa runs a 'Double Task' Business Simulation. This Socio-Technical-System Event is based on the findings of the Group-Relations-Tradition. Date are: 06.-07.06.2013. Learning Fields: Leadership, Organisation, Systems thinking, Consulting etc. Trainer: oezpa Associate Ad Schalkx, Netherlands.

Organisational Development - Change Management Week in Turkey

oezpa conducts an OD-Change Management Week in a Turkish Subsidy of an international industrial corporation. The format consists of Executive Coachings, Team-Diagnosis and -Coachings as well as a Steering Committee meeting with the sponsoring Board members.

Olya Khaleelee (London) talks about Eric Miller (Pioneer of Group-Relations)

Olya Khaleelee (London) talks with Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir (oezpa GmbH) about Eric Miller and about Group Relations. Preparing and directing a Group Relations Conference.

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, London, UK: "Our partner and associate continues his very interesting interview series."


Training Group (Group Relations) with Olya Khaleelee - 13 th-17th May 2013, Bornheim-Walberberg, Germany

Within the orglab Seminar there will be a special Training Group. Those who wish to applicate the methods of this Group-Relations-Seminar in their work or in similar Group-Relations-Conferences will get the possibility to learn the underlying methods, concepts and dynamics in the Training Group. Training Group Places are limited to 10 members.

Former members of GR-Conferences will get intensive possibilities for learning on a complex level of different roles and settings. Training Group members will be prepared for a potential GR-Conference-Staff role. Coaches, Consultants and Leaders will get learning possibilities as well: They will have the chance to widen their competencies of diagnosing organisations as socio-technical systems, in taking up professional consulting roles, to increase their capacity of under-standing conscious and unconscious organizational dynamics. Training Group members will also get the possibility to strengthen their personal role management as coaches, consultants or lead-ers in their outside positions and organisations.

Key Note by Dr. Hüseyin  Özdemir at ISPSO Reg. Conference in Istanbul  -March 2013

Presentation at ISPSO-Reg. Conference in Istanbul by Dr. Huseyin Özdemir, 8- 10 March 2013: European relations in difficult times: The impact on our work- “Western European Headquarters and their Turkish Subsidies: a consultant’s perspective”


SAVE THE DATE - für Marvin R. Weisbord und Sandra Janoff

Two Exclusiv-Trainings with Marvin R. Weisbord and Sandra Janoff (Founder of `Future Search´-Methodology as a large Group Intervention). Marvin R. Weisbord as Pioneer of Organisation Development. Location: oezpa GmbH – Akademie & Consulting, Walberberg (near Köln-Bonn in Germany).

Exclusiv-Training 1: Facilitation of Groups for experienced Moderators and Team Leaders („Don´t just do something, stand there!“): 04.-05.11.2013Don’t Just Do Something. Stand there! - an advanced facilitation workshop - presents a philosophy, theory and practice you can use each time you lead a meeting. Many people consider meetings a waste of time but meetings ought to be engaging, time-efficient and productive. You can make them that way by managing structure rather than participants’ attitudes, motivation, and behavior. This workshop introduce you to several ways for doing that. In particular focussed on when to act responsibly and when to ‘just stand there’ and allow people to be responsible form themselves.

Exclusiv-Training 2: Managing a Future Search Moderation – Including a Future Search Experience: 07.-09.11.2013 (lunch time)
A unique opportunity, guided by Marvin and Sandra, to discover how you can quickly and effectively transform ambitions into action. Future Search is one of the most successful approaches to participatory strategy- and organization-development. During the 3-day workshop you will learn about the underlying theories, the principles derived from them, and how to apply these principles. You will experience how a Future Search leads to sustainable breakthroughs and generates complete new forms of collaboration.

NEW oezpa GmbH ADRESS:  Schlosshotel-Kloster Walberberg (near Cologne-Bonn)

Start 19.12.2012: Schlosshotel Kloster Walberberg, Rheindorfer-Burg-Weg 39, 53332 Bornheim-Walberberg (Nähe Köln-Bonn)

If you have difficulties reaching us during our changing of residence please call:

+ 49 (0) 1728.616. 149

10th oezpa-Group-Relations.Conference orglab 2013

Dear Colleague,
we would like to draw your attention to the 10th  Group Relations Conference `oezpa-orglab´, organised by oezpa, Germany.
The conference is supported by the Fresenius University, Institute of Business Psychology, Cologne, by SLIC (a joint Institute of Tavistock and oezpa), Wuxi, London, Bornheim-Walberberg and by the University of Arts/ ieb, Berlin. 10th  oezpa-orglab 2013, an international Group Relations Conference, on leadership, integration, self-management in roles, Diversity and psychodynamic processes in Organisations. A systemic-psychodynamic approach.
The Conference takes place from 14th  to 17th of May 2013 in Bornheim-Walberberg, a former Castle and Dominican Monastery (near Cologne-Bonn), Germany. The conference will be directed by Dr. Hüseyin  Özdemir, Germany/ Switzerland. Olya Khaleelee, London, will take up the Associate Director´s role.
German and English will be the main languages. Other languages can be explored. A Consulting Training Group will be part of the conference. If you or your colleagues are interested in taking part or in joining the Training Group, please feel free to contact us.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new Year!

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, euch und Ihnen allen wünschen wir ein schönes Weihnachtsfest, geruhsame Tage und ein sehr glückliches neues Jahr! Your oezpa Team

Bild: Angels In My Hair by Lorna Byrne

Festschrift for Dr. Mannie Sher,  Tavistock Institute (12.12.2012)

Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir hält auf Einladung des Tavistock Institutes of Human Relations, London, Ansprache zu Ehren von Dr. Mannie Sher. Dieser stellt neues Buch vor. Siehe Fotogalerie.

Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir presents a method for collegial consultation (November 2012)