To help our customers to be more successful and satisfied in their roles and companies is my heart's desire! In the process, I will keep learning new things and try to incorporate my findings into my consulting work.


Our cooperation in coaching

Organization, teams and people can be understood as social systems that are integrated into their environments. In the consulting and coaching work, these links and the overall context must be considered. As a coach, it is essential to understand this.

The organization, teams and people have a wealth of experience and potential that they have built up throughout their lives and that it has to activate in the sense of a 'help for self-help’.

My coaching approach follows this understanding of the system and the conviction that the knowledge and resources for finding a solution already exist. Likewise, I consider that behaviours are also influenced by unconscious processes that need to be recognized, interpreted and manipulated.

Coaching offers a confidential and individually designed structure and stimulation to find suitable, meaningful solutions for your challenges. Working together, I support you in finding successful and sustainable solutions.

My position as a coach

Gallwey 2010; understand coaching as an art. The trick is to create an atmosphere in the coaching process that lets the person know how to reach their desired goals effectively.

Change issues can trigger fears and often create covert or open resistance. It is necessary to take time and space for social processing. Social processing creates understanding for different perspectives, helps to integrate diversity, works on resistance, conflicts and crises, helps to reduce fears, provides support and stability, promotes risk-taking, strengthens self-esteem and can represent the enjoyment of the role exercise with increased self-motivation as a result of the coaching.

I fulfill this task of helping with joy and affection.


My coaching approach & methods

My coaching approach can be described as systemic-analytic. In particular, the systemic aspect stands for the consideration of the organization as a socio-technical system with a technical subsystem and a social subsystem, for connections and interactions, for different environments, for transformation processes in the organization and for the role as a link between personal and private with the organizational system.

We call analytic the work in coaching with the unconscious and psychodynamic processes (such as transmission, countertransference, social defences, inner images). The unconscious, simplified, stands for what we can not see. However, it controls most of our behaviour. Everything that is, so to say, under the table or under the "water surface".

Another aspect of my coaching approach is that I come from organizational development and from action or practice research. In this approach, we work with our clients on practical issues in an attempt to process them through practical solutions and potentials.


The Coaching Approach - "Tavistock Group Relations Work" - Institutes of Human Relations in London

On request, I take my coachees on a special journey. Our annual ORGlab is an intensive, systemic-analytical system event. We carry out this so-called Group Relations method in Germany and other countries. This work helps our coachees to experientially experience different systems in order to gain insights for their own role perception and design as well as to discover resources.

Through the coaching method "Role Analysis and Counseling" and through our oezpa "ORGlab Method", unconscious processes in systems are examined, made transparent and processed together purposefully.

It is possible to work in coaching with analogue images (e.g. roller blinds). The resulting images are freely associated, interpreted together, in order to gain new insights. In the work with the "Roller blind" we work on the role of the coachee. Here, the focus can be on getting started, goal setting and desire of the coachee, on the field of the role, on the field of team or organizational requirements or on relation to expectations from the personal system (own values, family, etc.).


Profession and experience

I am the Managing Director and Founder of oezpa GmbH, Management Consulting for Strategic Organization and Personnel Development and am active as a Senior Coach and member of the DBVC, German Association for Coaching and as cooperation partner of the `International Coach Federation, ICF. As a Director and Staff Member in Group Relations conferences / ORGlab (Tavistock Concept), and Program Director of the annual in-service training courses in Systemic Business Coaching (DBVC certified), Organizational Development / Change Management, I have been accompanying groups and persons for a long time.

As a visiting professor and in teaching activities I am involved in topics of leadership, organizational development and project management at, among other things, following universities and institutes: ESMT European School of Management and Technology; Universities of the Arts Berlin ("Institute of Electronic Business, ieb"); Indian Institute of Management / Ahmedabad-India; Hochschule Fresenius, Cologne, active.

Head of Digital Change Work Group (Institute of Electronic Business / University of the Arts, Berlin)

I have written numerous books on leadership, strategy and organizational development / change management, coaching and project management.


Education (a selection)

Doctorate at the University of Kassel, Subject Supervision, Prof. Dr. Heidi Moller. Degree 2012. Topic: Organizational development process in a German-Chinese joint venture in Wuxi

national and international (Turkey, India, China, Poland, England, Peru)
staff work in the group relations tradition / Tavistock method (systemic, psychoanalytic approach (the unconscious in organizations), annual conferences

Systemic counseling, extra occupational training, Heidelberg Institute for Systemic Research (IGST), Prof. Dr. Fritz Simon

"Organizational professional development program“, International Institute for Organizational Development (IOD), Belgium.

"Group Leadership and Group Analysis", Institute Triangel, Institute for Supervision and Group Experience, Berlin (after DGSV, DAGG).

Studying at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal. Economics at the Chair of Organizational Development, focus on planning and organization.


First steps to clarify the order

The first contact begins with a non-binding expert talk. Its purpose is to find out if the chemistry between us is right and you can imagine working together.

Together, we discuss what your topic in coaching could or should be and what your concern is.

At the same time you gain an impression of the way I work. Afterwards you decide in peace whether you wish to work with me.

Only then will we agree on scope, frames, fees, deadlines and build the confidential framework. In doing so, we focus on your needs, topics and goals. In between, we conduct joint evaluations of the progress of our work.

At the end we determine, if the coaching will be continued in order to, for example, deepen certain topics or whether the common process is complete. A final evaluation completes our joint work.

My coaching takes place in a protective environment that reflects trust, appreciation and respect - and also allows for laugh and humor!


Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir, Visiting Prof.
Senior Coach & Managing Director
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