Dr. Hartmut Kreyer

oezpa Associate, Senior Coach DBVC

Training as an industrial management assistant. Studied business administration with a focus on marketing and organization. Diploma in Business Administration, Doctor of Political Science.

20 years of experience in business practice

Management experience in international companies. Managing partner of a medium-sized company. Foundation and long-term management of a group of companies. Advisory Board and Supervisory Board memberships.

Qualification as coach

Since 1990 training in personal development, sales training, rhetoric, moderation, creativity techniques. Two-year training as a coach. Certified Executive Coach of the LORE International Institute, USA. Senior Coach at DBVC German Federal Association Coaching. REISS-Profile Master.

20 years of experience as a coach

Various practical experience in coaching executives in national and international companies and organizations of various industries and at various hierarchical levels.

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