As a consultant, trainer and coach, it is important for me to understand my client’s roles, to support their learning and to consider systemic implications of their social and technical environment.


Our cooperation in coaching

Coaching helps you to clarify important topics as well as to develop good decisions and strategies. With constructive distance to the business everyday life it becomes possible to take into a view essential lines of the development of the enterprise, the own area of responsibility or the personal and professional development.

Coaching offers an intuitional and individually designed structure and stimulation in order to find suitable, meaningful solutions for your challenges.

I accompany and support people, teams and organizations in change processes as well as in challenging life situations - many of which I myself have been able to experience and master.


My position as a coach

A central idea of coaching is to maintain or further develop your own responsibility and controllability. This results in a questioning attitude that helps you to find your own answers and solutions. Because experience shows time and time again that we already have or can build up a wealth of resources that you need.

The question serves the so-called help for self-help. But a good question alone does not help. Because there are always situations in which concrete advice or clear and constructive feedback can be helpful and effective. My attitude to this: What matters is what helps you.

Coaching is a conversation at eye level, it gives you structure and opens up possibilities of action. Your sovereignty is purposefully and solution-oriented supported, you decide on the work issues and we clarify in a co-creative sense, which paths and methods seem appropriate for your question.



My coaching approach & methods

My coaching approach is systemic-solution-oriented-pragmatic. Dialogical principles, different questioning techniques, feedback, and content inputs are central to my work. Possible methods at a glance:

  • Coaching conversations, dialogue, telephone counseling
  • (Social) context analysis
  • Biographical analysis and vision search
  • Systemic questions and feedback
  • Role analysis and consulting (role models)
  • Career counseling according to R.N. Bolles
  • Visualizations and documentation (learning diary)
  • Team lineups on the "system board“
  • Potential diagnostics (checklists and questionnaires)
  • Input, short training sequences (role plays, exercises)
  • Homework and literature studies
  • Relaxation techniques (meditations, self- and stress management)
  • Storytelling (appreciation of success and learning experiences)
  • Creativity techniques (Walt Disney method, brainstorming etc.)
  • Transfer Talks (How do I translate findings?)



Profession and experience

I have been working as a consultant, trainer and coach since 2000 and have been a senior consultant and associate of oezpa GmbH since 2009. For the oezpa academy, I am a member of the further education management and speaker of the DBVC-certified annual, extra-occupational training in "Coaching" and "Organizational Development". At the Rhineland University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, I hold a lectureship in social psychology in the master's program of business psychologists.

My national and international activities:

  • Team development and coaching
  • Organizational development
  • Culture change projects
  • Personnel development and diagnostics
  • Leadership development, training in communication, creativity, self-management, stress, coaching, organizational development, networked thinking, etc.
  • Teaching assignment in social psychology
  • Large group interventions



Primary and Further Education

Health coaching, Fritz Perls Institute, Hückeswagen

Career Planning, Institute for Systemic Organizational and Career Counseling, Frankfurt am Main

NLP, Christine Knauf and partner, Cologne

In-service training in coaching, oezpa GmbH, Erftstadt-Liblar, Germany

Extra occupational training as organizational developer oezpa GmbH, Erftstadt-Liblar, Germany

oezpa Group Relations Conferences, Germany

In-service training as systemic organizational consultant, ISBW, Wiesloch

Degree in psychology with a focus on occupational, organizational and organizational psychology

Studied civil engineering, Bergische Universität - Gesamthochschule Wuppertal



First steps to clarify the order

The first contact begins with a non-binding expert talk. It serves to find out if you can personally and methodically imagine working with me. Together we design a first sketch of what your topic should be in coaching and what your concern is. This includes, among other things, the clarification of confidentiality, time, appointments, fees, etc.

Afterwards you decide in peace whether you wish to work with me.

The coaching process is continuously evaluated by us in order to ensure that you achieve your goals. The coaching ends with a final evaluation.

The coaching takes place in a protected environment. This can take place in your home organization, at a neutral location or at oezpa in Bornheim.



Martin Schulte
Senior Coach, Consultant and Trainer
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