Project management


Today project management is the alpha and omega of the planning and management of development projects of optimal use of performance, cost and time. Integrated project management is aimed at both the particular operational situation, as well as the projects themselves.

oezpa assists you with your projects with a comprehensive tool catalog. We support you, ranging from project definition to project planning and project control through to project completion. We draw on a rich fund of experience.

Questions from our customers

  • How do I design target-finding workshops?
  • How do I organise kick-off for a project?
  • How do I close a project in terms of reflection, evaluation and learning transfer?
  • How do I run a project review (internal project diagnostic workshops)?
  • How do I deal with project conflicts and crises?
  • How do I coordinate several projects (multi-project management)?
  • How do I develop project teams and increase team efficiency?
  • What training concepts can I use for successful project management?
  • How do I design project manager conferences?
  • How do I conceive a project management and execute it?

Project diagnosis

Because of scarce resources, too many projects and congestion of the project participants often cause interference in the project processes.Often, these faults are detected too late.

oezpa has developed an analytical and participatory method to, for example, determine the status of an organisation or development project quickly and efficiently.

Optimisation of project management

Existing project management organisations, procedures and methods can be diagnosed and optimised by oezpa along with your employees close involvement. In doing so oezpa can bring its own tried and tested project management reference model.

Contacts with other companies may be organised along the lines of experience from our network.

Project management skills

As a professional project house we train your employees in project management. To this end, we can perform the following programs for you:

  • Management basic training
  • Training in project management

The oezpa Institute is the owner of the lectureship at the “North Academy”, the School of Economics, Hamburg and the project management at the “Institute of Electronic Business” (I.E.B.), University of the Arts Berlin.

Depending on the project complexity and meaning a project review is carried out. The project review process can be carried out using the following review methods: Interviews, document reviews, project review workshops or with a project survey and evaluation conducted by oezpa.

Project management pool

The design and implementation of project management pools, with the aim to optimise PM-efficiency and costs, is an important contribution to oezpa for businesses.

Project planning

The professional preparation and well-planned start of projects minimises future losses and avoids future costs. The following services can be incorporated through oezpa:

  • Advice on the planning of projects: development of work breakdown structures, resources, budgets and schedules
  • Preparation of the project team: Development and internalisation of role concepts for the project
  • Advice on the development of the project organisation and roles

Lessons learned/ review

Because of scarce resources, too many projects and congestion of the project participants often cause interference in the project processes. Often, these faults are detected too late.

oezpa has developed a method to quickly and efficiently identify the status of a organisation or development project. Depending on the project complexity and meaning, a project review is carried out. This is done either in the form of a project review workshop (Lessons Learned) or by means of a survey and evaluation project done by oezpa. The recorded information is then reflected back to each respondent and the persons responsible.

For this purpose oezpa has developed a specific and effective methodology over the last 15 years.

International project management

International project management, with its intercultural aspects poses a particular challenge for local and expatriate employees. oezpa brings its own internationality and interculturality in this field and advises international projects in their preparation, execution of the transfer as well as in the implementation.



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