Organisational culture

Cultural development

The question of how culture is created, be it in a company or as nation, is important so far as there are clues as to how it may be influenced. Values, norms, rules and beliefs emerge over time in a continuous cycle of detection (consciously and unconsciously) and action. oezpa Ltd. has developed a very practical form of cultural work through a variety of cultural projects and their own culture development.

The organisational culture is the background for the success of everyday business events. Deeply ingrained assumptions and value systems give the staff security and serve as stabilisation. On the other hand, they provide inhibiting factors for new requirements.

In fact, our change management experience shows us that, for example, difficulties to achieve targets in many mergers can be attributed to cultural differences between the parties. With adequate preparation, the effects of such a culture clash can be minimised.

In our experience, indicators that can make a culture development measure worthwhile are:

  • High staff turnover in critical areas
  • Poor working environment
  • Lots of conflicts
  • Loss of quality
  • Loss of productivity

As part of a cultural analysis, we first diagnose the culture of your organisation. To do this we conduct interviews with management and a section of representatives of the staff. Alternatively or in addition, we carry out cultural workshops. Our diagnosis shows the areas in which culturally related issues are apparent.

After this diagnostic phase, we work with you on a vision of the desired culture and plan the steps towards development.

Customer surveys

The knowledge of the needs, desires and the current opinion of your customers, regarding your organisation, contributes significantly to its success.

The following questions will help to prepare a customer survey:

  • Do you know the real needs of your customers from their perspective?
  • What details are crucial in order to retain customers?
  • What does the customer expect from the existing service?
  • What factors interfere massively with customers and make them leave?
  • What image do you convey to the customer?

Customer surveys give you systematic and secure information about the expectations and satisfaction of your customers. They show how your company and its services are perceived, and how you stand compared with the competition.

We provide proven methods, which are available, to determine the information appropriate to your business and customer situation.

Inter-cultural consulting

Inter-cultural work

With globalisation, intercultural teams are becoming increasingly important.

Working in different cultures, or with employees from other cultures, is a complex procedure and highly difficult. Managers have to compete abroad, people in Germany have a duty to work with foreign colleagues and team meetings are transnational e.g. held via video, phone or web conference. Unintended misunderstandings and power-consuming disputes often occur in such groups and constellations. Transnational communication and cooperation, and the ability to accept different cultures, and to develop the necessary skills is becoming increasingly important.

oezpa helps with training and coaching to understand the causes of such conflicts and provides practical assistance in dealing with cross-cultural situations.

Foreign female employees will be advised in handling and in cooperation with their female German colleagues.

China leadership consulting

The work in faraway China is particularly challenging for German and international managers. Far Eastern values and expectations in respect of their own company and the management vary a lot. 

We have developed a specific expertise through many years of successful management and organisation consultancy in China. We bring this expertise to use in our consulting projects.

Turkey leadership consulting

Because of its origin and project experience of Turkish and international companies, oezpa has special consultation expertise. 

For German and international officers, employees and businesses oezpa can play a bridging role, helping to achieve entrepreneurial success with its organisational consulting.

oezpa helps to support expatriates in the field of an “a la Turca Leadership”. 


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Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir, Visiting Professor

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