Large group moderation

Open Space

The large group conference form Open Space is ideal to start the change processes and develop a positive awareness at the beginning of the change process.

We were able to perform Open Space conferences worldwide so far. Thus, for example, in Germany, China, and Turkey.

oezpa has further developed the Open Space method and also employs it in the formulation of processes for enhancing efficiency.

We succeeded to date with our special Ratio Open Space method, to elaborate rationalisation potentials in the range of material costs and business processes by multiple millions for industrial enterprises within three days.


The following benefits can come to your organisation:

  • Immediate onset, mental and cultural change
  • Rapid response to problems and issues
  • Communication breaks and barriers removed and experienced differently by “the whole system in the room”
  • Leadership experiences for all or large parts of the organisation members
  • Leadership gets a quick overview on topical organisation related themes
  • Strong sense of togetherness and trust grows
  • All participants will be activated. Consumerism is avoided
  • Hierarchies can move freely and participate in dialogues, regardless of their position due to the heterogeneous composition of participants

World Cafe

The objective of the World Café is to bring employees into personal, open and creative conversation. Through these open discussions, the staff will get to know each other better. Their relationship is improved by the exchange. The World Café method can be used for all types of meetings:  

  • If a certain contribution (e.g. vision, strategy, project concept) is processed 
  • If an intensive exchange takes place between the speaker and the participants (input, dialogue, feedback, overall dialogue) 
  • when ideas and possibilities for action are developed 
  • if the sense of community is lifted and existing relationships are strengthened 
  • when the power of ideas and innovation strength is used by large groups 
  • when a topic or concept should be looked at from different angles, this method is very useful. 

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a radical method, which has been being developed in the USA by David Cooperidder since the mid-eighties. Since then, this method takes its course around the globe. It is radical because it features the positive, the potentials, the strengths and the opportunities without restriction.  

Appreciative Inquiry is based on the assumption that the desired foundation changes already exist in all organisations. 

The focus is not on deficits (problem analysis, blame), but on resource and solution orientation (What is working well? How can it still be improved?). 


Changes in real time – Real Time Strategic Change (RTSC)

Many different challenges, problems and opportunities can be taken up simultaneously with the RTSC process (e.g. strategy, planning, implementation, culture, communication and cooperation). 

RTSC events run according to the following principles: 

  • Process runs in real time (decisions and changes made on-site) 
  • Set on empowerment (strengthening of the individual) 
  • Promote self-management in their own role 
  • Develop an image of future possibilities 
  • To “grasp” reality 
  • Build common knowledge 
  • Create a sense of community – “spirit of community” 

Future Search

The Future Conference (“Future Search” developed by Marvin Weisbord) is a proven means to include many employees in the development and achievement of common goals. Representatives affected by the subject come together for three days. 

The future conference is a fast and effective tool to awaken and use the creative potential of employees. At the same energies are activated with the future conference. The participants include representatives of all functions and hierarchical levels of the company. The high complexity and diversity of the reality of the company requires “the whole system in the room.” Thus, the “elephant can be perceived from different perspectives”. Aspects and views connect step by step in the Future Conference and become a complete picture.  

The ultimate goal of the future conference is to produce a spirit of optimism, a strong sense of community and to develop confidence in the participants for the joint future. The central idea is the combination of the whole system in a room, to discuss it, analyse it and improve it together. In doing so it becomes clear that it is not solely the task of leadership to make strategies work. Through this form of work, the guide is relieved to the extent that it is not the only level that deals with questions concerning the future and understanding it. Rather wide management and employee groups are included participatory in the future conference. 

The strengths of the method lie in the integration of different stakeholders and the clear structure. 


Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir
Managing Director and Management Consultant
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Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir, Visiting Professor

CEO, Senior Coach DBVC, Organizational Consultant