Our Self-Conception

Our oezpa self-conception

We support managers, employees, teams and organisations in developing themselves. When carrying out consultancy work, we are led by our comprehensive understanding of development and our holistic organisational pattern. Here, we take into consideration the interdependencies between strategies, structures, processes, cultures and people.

In terms of self-conception relating to the services we offer, we see ourselves as a consultancy and training company.  Our speciality lies in cross-linking various services and methodological approaches, which combine to facilitate holistic and sustainable development and change processes.

Our work is always focused around the healthy economic development of systems (organisations, projects, teams and people).  When working with people, we promote the development of their self-worth, their communicative and social skills and their self-management.  We take into consideration the integration of people into their own systems and the effects on them of the requirements, regulations and dynamics therein.

We also view the concept of supporting development as applying ourselves where employees, teams, organisations and projects are currently undergoing development. During this stage, we work intensively with the respective employees to configure the most advantageous subsequent steps.

Our employees, partners and cooperative partners work in a goal-orientated, economic and reliable manner.  Clearly formulated goals, situationally agreed tasks and skills guarantee good orientation and a high level of identification of your personnel with their daily work.