Core team & Staff team

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oezpa Associate, Organisational Consultant & Senior Coach
oezpa Associate
oezpa Associate
oezpa Associate
oezpa Associate
Chief Director, ieb, Berlin
MBA (Management consultant)
Dipl. Psych., Dipl. Oec.
Pastoral psychologist
Independent consultant
Trainer and supervising psychoanalyst
Psychoanalyst, Supervisor
Professional Coach DBVC, Management Trainer
Business psychologist
C Psych, C Sci, CEO
Co-Director, Future Search Network
Co-Director, Future Search Network; Co-Founder of the Future Search Methodology
Professor in Strategic Management and International Business
MPC, psychologist, consulter of the Centrum of Reichsadvies
Founder member of Group Relations Australia
Professor of Organisational Psychology
MD, Department of Psychiatry, University of Louisville School of Medicine
Senior Consultant and Researcher at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
consultant for organisational development and director of Ann Barry Consultants in Paris and Chicago
Lecturer, Executive Coach, Organisational Consultant
Clinical Psychologist; Psychotherapist
MBA, Participant. Resources Manager