Our history

Our history

oezpa was founded in Germany in 1992, by Dr Hüseyin Özdemir (born 1960, Istanbul) and Ms Barbara Lagler Özdemir (born 1964, Lucerne).

Our team finds its origins in national and international organisational development work.  We have worked in national and international companies as managers, internal advisors, coaches and trainers.

In addition, we have also gained external professional experience in a range of consultancies.  This experience assures the continued professionalisation and further development of the oezpa institute.
Since its formation, oezpa has established itself in the field of organisational development.  Within the framework of its open training programme, oezpa qualifies independent consultants and employees from organisations in management and consultancy work, and in coaching. Thus, oezpa is has also established itself as a "consultancy for consultants".

Every year, oezpa is been able to complete comprehensive consultancy projects not only in its German homeland, but also across the globe, e.g. in the USA, China, Turkey, England, Poland, France, Italy, Malaysia, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Denmark and Austria. 

In 1999, the company began to provide lectures to universities in parallel to its consultancy work. Initially at the University of  Wuppertal, thereafter at the Centre for Leadership Studies (University of Exeter, England), the Universität der Künste (Institute of Electronic Business, Berlin) and the Nordakademie (School of Economics).

2008 saw the founding of the oezpa institute's publishing house.  The aim of the institute's publishing house is to make a contribution to practical research in the field of organisational development, coaching, management and project management. 

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