Clients´ & Participants voices

„I like the philosophy of `rationalization ideas finding open space´ of oezpa. You can really have some crazy ideas, which you can check later.“
Mr. Göktürk, Project Coordinator, USA.

„Excellent, great atmosphere of this oezpa open space conference. It is important to have this ideas for all the factories present here and for the products. I like it. It´s open and I enjoy working with this format. It´s good to have it here in German and English. I like the rule `what ever happens is the only thing which could happen.“
Director Product Development, Spain.

„Every company is unique and requires individual solutions, something oezpa is very successful at providing. For us, an integrative approach with sustainable successes is decisive.“
Dr. Markus Slevogt, former General Manager, Deutsche Bank AG, Branch Istanbul, Turkey.

„More important thing is: I`m learning so much from you, which make me more confident, more strong in my daily life and career.“
Mr. Lei, Q., Manager, China.

„Due to oezpa, we have a third partner, oezpa is open, not influenced by others, you are very direct and come to the point. oezpa doesn´t hide issues, they are not afraid of breaking relationships by being open and direct. Their method and consultants are very good. They are motivated, talk in a very good way with us and document findings professionally. oezpa makes follow-ups and by this they see the changes. It´s good to have oezpa as our consultants. They also run very good trainings with us. The competencies and capabilities increases due to oezpa´s training and coaching.“
Mr. Chen Aibin, Director Research & Development, Wuxi/ China.

„oezpa is professional in terms of different organisational aspects. Other consultants and trainers, we have worked with, bring only one aspect/ method which is then difficult for us to combine, match and integrate with our organisation. For long term development the concept of oezpa´s Organisational Development Method brings us further. oezpa shows us by it´s way of consulting a customer oriented 'production', which we have also implemented in our own Production System. The long term work of oezpa with us is linked and systematically.“
Mr. Zhao Biao, Leiter Produktion, Wuxi/ China.

„oezpa is able to drive processes on a natural way. In my experience with oezpa in Germany and Turkey this was of high added value. oezpa coached and supported me and my organisation!“
Ignacio Arruga, Direktor FCW, Spanien.

„The oezpa team scrutinises the issues of organisation and management systems, with the aim of establishing self-learning systems.“
Board Member Technology, Industrial Corporation, Germany

„I really appreciative and yearning the time what we spent together, it is not only enjoying but also learning, which make me improvement for communication, thinking, confidence, we recognize our (corporate) culture and smart work together. I hope when we can meet again and you can give us more useful coaching.“
Mr. Lei Qingbao, Manager Quality, Wuxi/ China