Projekte | Team Development


Outsourcing to and professionalisation of an information system house


Designing the structures and efficient outsourcing of organisational units to the new company. Increased identification of all employees with the new subsidiary company. At the same time, oezpa was also entrusted with the task of advising on and implementing the customer-supplier concept between the parent company and the technical departments, as well as the informatics strategy division.


Advising on the process of outsourcing to the informatics subsidiary company through change management.  Designing and implementing the new organisation.  Development of a communications concept for the outsourcing project and for the new company. Internal communications function established. So-called “climate conferences” took place at the interfaces (configuration of cooperation).

Top management personnel were qualified and coached by oezpa with respect to outsourcing.  Cultural work (construction and development of a service and customer orientated organisational culture).


Fast and accepted realisation of the new company. Preparation and development of professional structures and rolls. Development of a professional, market-driven service culture. Relationship and collaboration with the parent company configured for service-orientation and cooperative partnership.