Projekte | Qualification

Qualification of the management of a telecommunications company in change management


The management of the company was confronted with the reorganisation of their departments and the outplacement of many of their employees. The management required qualification in order to tackle the change requirements.

oezpa supported the customer in the development and implementation of the qualification of its management team.

Methods used

Capturing the qualification requirements through questionnaires and interviews (participants and their superiors).

Development of a qualification concept. Completion of the qualification process (initially pilot, then roll-out for 250 managers from middle and lower levels).

Analysis and evaluation. Coaching of individual personnel within the framework of implementing the outplacement.


The management received concrete support in executing the process in the everyday working environment.

Presentation of and training in a range of change management methods.

Collegial coaching and reflection strengthened the management team.

The management team gained assurance when dealing with change.