Projekte | Organisational Development


Organisational development in an international specialist paper company


A large company needed to examine its organisational culture due to a massive change in its strategy from classic paper producer to digital print company, and to align the new strategy. The large specialist paper manufacturer found itself suffering profitability difficulties.

It had acquired modern digital paper companies but was unable to integrate these.

It was not possible to capitalise on their added clout.

Methods used

Multiple interviews and workshops were conducted with employees, management and shareholders from the three consolidated companies, in which the starting cultures were analysed and diagnosed. Strategic cultural dimensions such as reinforced customer orientation, modern employee management and quality orientation (target culture) were practically developed during a dialogue process.

Selected participants of the cultural workshops (culture teams) took over the monitoring of these projects in cooperation with oezpa.


In comparison to the existing culture, the central deficits were reduced through projects such as customer relationship management, management principles and total quality management. It was possible to recognise and exploit cultural differences (between the classic “world of paper” and the “digital world”!). The management team developed into a strong team through this process. The clout of the company, both on the market and with respect to results, was considerably enhanced by the improved use of the newly introduced technologies.