Projekte | Mergers

Merger of two chemical companies in the agricultural industry


Following the outsourcing of chemical crop protection production to a newly formed company, oezpa was required to provide a programme of consultancy on the integration process, with particular respect to the cultural aspects of the merger.

Preparation for the merger was to take the form of a pre-merger project (prior to introduction to the market).

Methods used

Due to the conflicting starting position, oezpa concentrated initially on team coaching for the future and former managing directors (MD), who had each been instructed to ensure that the company was ready to begin functioning within a six month period.  The integration project was constructed in accordance with the company model in project form (vision and strategy team, marketing team, development team, research team, finance and controlling team, process team, etc.), with equal representation and with consultancy from oezpa.


The new company kick-off is punctual. Preparation of key personnel with respect to the new company and for the challenges of the integration process. Assured integration through the promotion of constructive cooperation at MD level.