Projekte | Mergers

Integration consultancy to two IT operations from two savings banks



Cultural integration. Development of the organisation into a professional service provider. The merger of two IT centres resulted in the creation of new or changed divisions and teams. Many employees were placed under new team or division leaders, had new colleagues and were confronted with a change in their working approach. oezpa was asked to conduct processes including systematic field-finding and development, to initiate the development of the working teams and to support this process.

This advanced the integration process, managers and personnel were placed in a position from which they were able to mutually configure a new culture, an holistic working approach and their contact with one another.

Methods used

Management team coaching. Management workshops. Management training. Consultancy in project management. Organisation of a personnel development division (conceptual consultancy), design and moderation of the “Get-Together Event” (start of the integration with 500 employees).  Implementation of a one-year management development programme.  Introduction of an integration barometer (regular staff surveys). Coaching the division and team leaders. Design and implementation of a field-finding cascade (events across all levels to get to know each other, gain awareness of targets, expectations, transparency of new processes, responsibilities and communication rules, participation in work packages, accumulation of ideas and information, feedback to the management etc.). Implementation of individual team development measures (depending on the team status) and team coaching.


The management felt supported in the process of quickly preparing their new teams for work. Mutual decisions and creative leeway in the teams facilitated acceptance. Early identification with the new division / team prevented losses in efficiency and restored motivation.  It was possible to create a professional organisational culture. The new company quickly achieved an efficient ability to work and provide service.